SDO Lucena City blazes pieces of “evidence in learning continuity” through the Division Research Colloquium


Research enthusiasts from the eminent districts of Lucena City gathered virtually to witness the highly anticipated 2021 Division Research Colloquium, September 24.

With the desire to strengthen the culture of research, SDO Lucena City conducted the aforementioned research colloquium as one of the activities under the Schools Division’s Project Culture for Improving School Performance, otherwise known as Project CRISP. Ms. Azalea A. Gallano, Senior Education Program Specialist in Planning and Research, spearheaded the successful research initiative that enabled the participants to fully grasp the research’s in-depth meaning and purpose. A total of 181 exuberant teaching and non-teaching personnel had put their best foot forward as they engaged in the virtual activity.

This one-day activity aimed to provide ideas to participants on possible research endeavors in the effective implementation of Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan, present research of teachers, teaching-related and non-teaching personnel to disseminate the results, search for best researcher in each presentation category, and promote evidence-based practices and policies in schools and offices.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Epifania F. Carandang stressed the silver lining that the pandemic offered to the department’s progress. “We may be experiencing a lot of changes since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, but we are still committed to empowering the culture of research of our Division.” The School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) Chief Education Supervisor also reminded everyone to intensify the use of research as it forms the basis for the improvement of one’s practice.

Since the schools division sustains its progressive orientation by ensuring that its actions are informed by sound and relevant evidence from research, Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban notably reiterated the significance of researching the improvement of one’s organization. “Researches provide enlightenment and ideas. We have to push further in maximizing the conduct of research because it shows great results in various areas. Aside from that, it is very timely to create different studies since we are entering the realm of innovations.”

Explication of the research management guidelines

Dr. Jumar M. Sadsad, the prominent speaker of the research activity, shared and expounded the Research Management Guidelines, as well as the different policies supporting research. DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2017 “provides guidance in the management and conduct of research initiatives at the national, regional, schools division, and school levels to further promote and strengthen the culture of research in basic education. It also covers instructions for eligible DepEd employees in availing of research funds.”

“In conducting research, we need to embrace its guiding principles. Excellence, integrity, and openness must be exercised vigorously to produce noteworthy results and output. We do research not because of our desires. We do it because we want changes and solutions that would alleviate the dilemmas we are facing,” Dr. Sadsad stated.

He also added how the research management cycle cascades so that interested researchers will have a clearer view and understanding of its processes.

Exhibit of attestations

To inspire many, especially those who are determined to face the challenges while engaging in such activity, testimonials were delivered by representatives of chosen group research.

Nancy R. Huelva, Teacher 1, emphasized that conducting research is a challenging yet fulfilling task. Their group’s main goal is to come up with standardized reading material for the learners. As a result, their research output helped their school in reducing the number of non-readers. “Research opens a door of opportunities and innovations; conducting it is acquiring new knowledge and surpassing limits,” Huelva said.

The adventure of Charlene A. Bruno, Master Teacher 1, can be compared to a plant that blooms. “Though I didn’t have enough background when it comes to research, I still pushed myself to explore it and everything else just followed.” From her humble beginnings sprouted the many exemplary research practices such as the school-based research colloquium and school research journal. She believes that we don’t have to worry about doing research, we just search.

Lastly, Jaime R. Lacerna, EPS I in Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga, relived the journey and existence of their research initiative in cultivating the culture and values ofBatang Lucenahin. He never thought that it would become part of the local policy of the schools division because it just started from a simple project. With the help of research, it flourished and made its way to success.

Showcasing the pieces of evidence in learning continuity

The research presentation proper is divided into two categories: teachers and teaching-related/non-teaching personnel category.  There are nine research presenters for the teacher’s category and seven for teaching-related/non-teaching personnel category.

Everyone braved the virtual experience in disseminating their research results. Hence, the fruit of their labor is recognized in the search for the best researcher. Melanie O. Zabala bagged third place in the teacher’s category. The second spot was given to Marilou M. Tierra. And the title for the Best Researcher was claimed by Dr. Larrywel A. Enriquez.

On the other hand, the teaching-related/non-teaching personnel category also released the top three winners. Dr. Jennifer Oestar, Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban, et. al., and Rodolfo A. Sena, Jr. et. al. seized the first, second, and third spot, respectively.

On his final note, Phillip B. Gallendez spread words of affirmation and recognition to all the teachers who are extending their initiatives to develop their skills for the betterment of the learners in SDO Lucena City. The Assistant Schools Division Superintendent extended his hope and support for everyone who wishes to expand their horizon.

The one-day research activity supported the Department’s drive and aspiration to invigorate research for the development of various initiatives and improvement of existing ingenuities.

(Sarah Bianca V. Sarita, Teacher 2, SDO Lucena City)

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