First Management Review Highlights One DepEd, One National QMS gradual migration

Client Satisfaction Mr. Joey L. Jader, Feedback Committee Chair, presents the summary of client satisfaction feedback on the services that SDO Lucena City is providing.  Photo Credits: Dr. Jennifer M. Oestar, Secretariat.
Lead QMR Dr. Pascual C. La Rosa Jr, Quality Management Representative Lead, facilitates the flow of the Management Review and synthesizes the findings of the Committees. Photo Credits: Dr. Jennifer M. Oestar, Secretariat.
Audit Findings Dr. Roselyn Q. Golfo, Lead Auditor, enumerates the findings of the Internal Audit Committee. Photo Credits: Dr. Jennifer M. Oestar, Secretariat.
Risk Management Committee  Mr. Marck Andro E. Bernabe, Risk Management Committee Chair, mentions ways forward on their RMC.  Photo Credits: Dr. Jennifer M. Oestar, Secretariat.

First Management Review highlighted One DepEd, One National QMS gradual migration, attended by the SDO Lucena City Top Management, Quality Management Representative Lead, Secretariat, and Committee Heads on Aug. 25, via Google Meet.

The conducted activity focused on the review the status of prior management reviews’ actions, discuss changes in external and internal concerns pertinent to the QMS, assess adequacy of resources, find activities to address risks and opportunities for improvement, and receive feedback on QMS performance.

Quality Management Representative Lead, Dr. Pascual C. La Rosa Jr., initiated the First Management Review for 2021 as he discussed the status of actions of the previous Management Review.

“SDO Lucena City may also identify all possible risks associated to the quality objectives to ensure their attainment. Some of the quality objectives do not have identified risks. They may also improve the quality objective set ensuring they are specific based on the intention or the process of the unit”, Dr. La Rosa explained as he reiterated SOCOTEC’s findings. 

“On a positive note, the infrastructure development of SDO Lucena City is highly commendable and has a good utilization percentage of budget, “he added.

School Governance and Operations Division, Curriculum Implementation Division and Office of the Schools Division Superintendent discussed salient changes on their unit’s processes and continuous effort in which QMS objectives have been met.

SGOD has changes on the processing of documents from printed to online form especially on QATAME and M& E Tools, and changes from face-to-face to tele-consultation and telemedicine. Dr. Karina R. Baustista, EPS I-SGOD, also mentioned that YES-O Program and Gulayan sa Paaralan programs were given to SGOD already.

However, CID highlighted their document revision on QMS processes in terms of header, footer, revision number and effectivity date. According to Ms. Eden A. Reazo, PSDS, they have reduced seven Quality Objectives from nine in 2020. 

On the OSDS part, Atty. Ana Karmela S. Amante, Legal Officer III, mentioned the shift of face-to-face to virtual filing of complaint, hearing, fact-finding, investigation, and correction of entries. She also mentioned the electronic preparation of documents.

Ms. Cristina B. Rogelio, Information Technology Officer I, mentioned the Network Management Process and updating of the ICT’s local policy. She also highlighted the changes on the bandwidth management for the division. Management and maintenance of ICT equipment scheduling was also prioritized.

Mr. Benjie C. Rivera, AO V, narrated the processes of the Administrative Services. According to him, it has changes on the insertion of ARA process and removal of retirement/terminal leave as it was transferred to the Personnel Unit.

“The Workplace Committee highlighted some changes on the assignment of 7S members in the monitoring and red tagging. The issues and concerns include additional members of the workplace committee to avoid delays in case of leave and conflict in schedule. “Mr. Rivera added.

Ms. Rhea G. Mojica, Accounting III, reported an issue on the unavailability of cash for payment of prior and current year accounts payable. She also mentioned their action plan, revised AWA scheduling and release of memorandum on the timely submission of reports resolve the issue.

Mr. Joey L. Jader, Feedback Committee Chair, presented the summary of the client satisfaction feedback from January to July 2021.

“The Division is doing well in responding to the clients’ needs as evidenced by its remarks.  Our over-all service for the seven consecutive months fared a rating of 95.73% (Very Satisfactory) and 3.37 % (Satisfactory).” Mr. Jader explained.

Meanwhile, Dr. Roselyn Q. Golfo, Lead Auditor, reiterated the findings of the previous Surveillance Audit.

“SDO Lucena City has no major non-conformities, no minor non-conformities and two observations.” she explained.

She also discussed the PRIME-HRM internal audit results on Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP), Performance Management (PM), Training and Development (T&D) and Rewards and Recognition (R&R). This year, SDO’s PRIME-HRM internal audit has nine non-conformities, however; eight of them are already compliant.

Ms. Mylene R. Dapol of Documentation Committee prepared a presentation summarizing the number of documents in SDO Lucena City. There are 28 revised Process Manual, 313 revised internal forms, 120 external documents and 21 obsolete forms.

Dr. Chinita A. Tolentino, Training and Advocacy Committee Chair, clarified the terms and reference of the members of the committee as they are tasked to capacitate personnel on SDO Quality Management System.

Dr. Karina R. Bautista, former Risk Committee Chair, mentioned that there are 33 positive risks and 0 negative risks in the Division. Mr. Mark Andro E. Bernabe, current Risk Committee Chair, revealed that conflict of schedule and regularity on monitoring and evaluation are the hindsight risks encountered.

As a result, the Top Management agreed that unified Quality Objectives from the set of separated objectives must be created as suggested from the previous Surveillance Audit. Dr. Hermogenes M. Panganiban, QMR Adviser, announced that SDO Lucena City will gradually migrate from SOCOTEC’s ISO 9001: 2015 certification to One DepED, One National QMS.


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